Dune Master Plan

To address the environmental challenges facing our small seaside community, the Town has allocated $75,000 in FY2021 Capital Improvement Budget to hire a firm to develop a Dune Master Plan. Constant beach erosion, sea level rise, hurricanes and other severe storms pose an ongoing threat to the Town’s 2.4 miles of coastline. A Dune Master Plan will allow Lauderdale-By-The-Sea to implement a coastal defense strategy to protect our beaches and the recreational opportunities they provide to residents and visitors alike. Unlike many coastal cities, the Town has an extensive and ongoing sea oats/dune program. Staff is selecting a qualified coastal planning firm to develop a Dune Master Plan.

When Hurricane Irma struck Florida in September 2017, the Town's dunes (see pictures below) captured tons of windblown sand that would have otherwise ended up on our streets or on the beachfront properties that line our shoreline.

Post Irma 4