Town Hall Roof/PAINTING

The Town Hall roof needs to be replaced. As part of the Town's building maintenance program, staff had all the roofs on the municipal campus (as well as the offsite warehouse facility) inspected. Except for the Public Safety Building, the former administrative headquarters for the Volunteer Fire Department, Broward Sheriff's Office and American Medical Response, a study found that all the Town's roofs need to be replaced within the next year. Staff has recommended that $100,000 be budgeted for the Town Hall roof Capital Improvement Project. It is hoped the actual cost will be less.

The study recommended the Town Hall roof be replaced first. Work is expected to start summer 2021.

The exterior of Town Hall also needs to be painted, as the bright colors have faded. The building was last painted 10 years ago. The estimated cost is $25,000. The painting will be scheduled after the new roof is installed.

Town Hall Roof Photo