collection Carts

Blue Carts / Black Carts / Green Carts

Blue carts are used for two purposes, depending on how they are labeled.

  • Some are labeled "All Recyclables Here" and should be used for recycling.
  • Some have a "Yard Waste Only" decal and should only be used for grass trimmings, palm fronds and other yard debris.

The black cart is for trash only.
The green cart is for yard waste only.
Single-family, duplex and multi-family properties with carts may request a cart specifically for yard waste at no cost. For more information, call 954-640-4200

Cart Pick-Up Schedule

South of Commercial Boulevard

  • Monday: Trash and Yard Waste Pick-Up
  • Thursday: Trash and Recycling Cart Pick-up

North of Commercial Boulevard

  • Tuesday: Trash and Yard Waste Pick-Up
  • Friday: Trash and Recycling Cart Pick-Up

There are a few exceptions to the cart pick-up schedule based on location. Check with the collection company if you need to confirm your pick-up schedule. Please Note: If your yard waste or recycling cart is not placed on the curb on the correct day, it will not be picked up.

Cart Hours

Your cart should be set out at the curb or collection point after 6 p.m. the night before your scheduled pick-up day. Carts must be brought in before midnight the day of pick-up.

Cart Placement 

Carts should be placed as follows:
1. In the swale, not the street.
2. Wheels facing your house, apartment or building.
3. Separated by approximately 1-foot.
4. Lids closed (except yard waste carts, which may be open up to a foot). 


Image of Blue Cart and Black Cart One Foot Apart


Image of Blue Cart And Black Cart Adjacent To Each Other