Bulk Trash

What Is Bulk Trash?

Bulk trash is waste that doesn’t belong in your weekly trash, recycling container and does not require special handling and management. It includes brown goods, white goods, furniture, equipment and other similar items, including materials resulting from minor home or condo repairs.

Bulk trash includes all types of vegetative matter resulting from normal yard and landscaping maintenance that is less than six feet in length. The customer for whom the Bulk Waste is collected must generate the waste.

What Is Not Bulk Trash?

Bulk trash does not include garbage, contractor-generated waste or exempt waste. The compacting of bulk waste containing refrigerants or other potentially harmful fluids or gases is prohibited.

When Is Bulk Trash Pickup?

  • For customers south of Commercial, Bulk Trash is picked up on the First Thursday of the month.
  • For customers north of Commercial, Bulk Trash is picked up on the First Friday of the month.
  • Please be mindful that sometimes the first Friday of the month falls before the first Thursday.

Bulk Pickup Policy

Everyone should know their correct bulk pickup day and place acceptable materials curbside accordingly. If the Town finds a bulk pile out on the wrong day, the Town will call Waste Pro to have it removed immediately. There may or may not be a charge applied to the resident’s waste bill, depending on the following two conditions:

1. Is the one annual free bulk pickup applicable to the property, and

2. If applicable, has the one annual free bulk pickup been used.

If a free pickup is not applicable, the customer’s account will be charged for the service. If applicable and not used, the customer’s account will be marked as having used the free pickup. If applicable and but already used, the customer’s account will be charged for the service. 

Bulk Trash Schedule

Bulk Trash Map

Alternative Disposal For Bulk

If you have bulk items to dispose of and cannot wait for a bulk pick-up day, you may take material to the Broward County Landfill and pay a fee for its disposal. The landfill is located at 7101 SW 205th Ave., Southwest Ranches. Additional info on hours and fees is available at this link.