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Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Public Records Request

  1. Please describe the public records you are requesting. Please be specific.
  2. The Town will respond to this request as soon as possible.
  3. Time
    Using this form allows us to better track records requests. Completing this form is not required to obtain a public record. Records will be provided in a timely manner. Older Town records are stored off-site and may take extra time to retrieve.
  4. Costs
    Costs shall be prepaid as allowed by Florida Statute 119.07. Single copies cost .15 cents. Double-sided copies are .20 cents. Building Plan copies require a $30 deposit plus any extra copying costs. CDs are $7.99. DVDs are $7.99. Tapes are $3.00. Costs are projected. Additional fees may also be due upon receipt. Any request requiring more than 15 minutes of staff time is considered extensive and you will be charged for the clerical time needed to research and process your request.
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