Street Projects

Complete Street Projects

Complete Streets is a comprehensive transportation approach that promotes operating all streets in a safe, comfortable and convenient manner for everyone, regardless of their age, physical abilities or particular mode of transportation. The Town does not have a formal Complete Streets Plan, but is implementing some of its recommendations where we think it's appropriate.

The Town completed a Stormwater Master Plan to identify neighborhoods that need better drainage.  A Pedestrian Study also highlighted areas that would benefit from pedestrian improvements. Since Codrington Drive was identified in both studies, it has long been the Town’s policy to combine projects to save on costs and disruptions to our residents. As a result, Town staff is proposing an overall design study for Codrington Drive that will include drainage, landscaping and traffic calming. The Town has budgeted $120,000 in the Capital Improvement Budget (CIP) for this study.

Improved drainage was installed on Bougainvilla Drive in 2012 from Pine Avenue to Town Hall. The Town now plans to finish the rest of the street and has budgeted $240,000 for this Capital Improvement Project for FY2021-2022. Staff hopes a design plan for this project can be finished this year. More than likely, it was not be ready until 2022.

Staff continues to work with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) on making upgrades to the crosswalk at Hibiscus  Avenue and State Road A1A. Once plans are approved, a permit can be issued and a Maintenance Memorandum of Agreement (MMOA) can be drafted. Staff is requesting $50,000 be set aside now for this Capital Improvement Project so that work can begin immediately should permitting and the MMOA be finalized this year.

The Town has allocated $100,000 in its Capital Improvement Budget in FY2021 to pay for three decorative light poles and nine patterned pavement intersections on State Road A1A between Pine Avenue and Sunset Lane. The Florida Department of Transportation identified the need for additional lighting at Gatehouse Road. In order to match the existing poles and fixtures, the Town is required to pay for these items as they are an upgrade over standard FDOT lighting.

The Town has budgeted $25,000 in its FY2021 Capital Improvement Budget to complete a street sufficiency study to prioritize the repaving of roads.  This date would be incorporated into our Complete Streets Design methodology.