El Mar Drive Streetscape Exhibit

EL Mar Drive Streetscape Banner Display

To help residents better visualize the proposed design options for the El Mar Drive Streetscape Project, the Town will display an outdoor exhibit with huge banners that reflect the actual size of the three design proposals.

The banners will be displayed on the north side of the El Prado Parking Lot across from Town Hall starting at 10AM on Tuesday, Nov. 10th. The display will be open until 4PM on Saturday, Nov. 14th. Entrance to the exhibit will be from El Mar Drive. Please note: It's possible the exhibit will be delayed if we experience poor weather.

The public will also be able to ask questions on Tuesday and Saturday at the exhibit from 2 to 4PM, when staff members from EDSA, the Town consultant that developed the proposals, will be available on site. 

People visiting the exhibit may also complete a paper opinion survey while they are there. The three exhibit renderings show the southbound lane of El Mar, including the actual size of the proposed landscaped medians. 

Give Us Your Opinion

The Town is also seeking more online feedback from residents on the three proposed design options.

Starting on Tuesday at 10AM, click this link to the EDSA website to complete the online survey.

Three Design Choices

Option 1 calls for converting the road into one lane in each direction. The median would expand from 20 to 22 feet in some areas. In other places, it would be reduced to 16-feet for designated pull off parking spots for service and delivery trucks. This concept includes a 12-foot wide driving lane, 9-foot sidewalk and 6-foot clear zone. 

 Option 2 also calls for converting the road into one lane in each direction and reducing the median from 20 to 18 feet. This option includes a 10-foot driving lane, 10-foot clear zone and 9-foot-wide sidewalk. 

 Option 3 calls for maintaining two lanes in each direction while reducing the median to 8 feet. This option includes two 10-foot driving lanes (north and southbound), 8-foot sidewalks and a 6-foot clear zone. 

The graphic below compares the three options. To see EDAS's entire presentation, click here.

El Mar Streetscape Design Options