Parking Permit Fees

Effective July 1, Residential Parking Permit fees are reduced by 40 percent until Sept. 30th.

Residents purchasing a Senior Residents Permit must be 65 or older.

For the A1A Lot, you will need a Drivers License and Vehicle Registration. Overnight parking allowed. You do not need to be a Town resident.

For the Bougainvilla Lot permit, you must be a Town resident.

Parking Permits Rate Tax Total
Resident (Annual) $60 $4.20 $64.20
Senior Resident Discount (Annual) $50 $3.50 $53.50
Employee Permit (Monthly) $27 $1.89 $28.89
Hardship (Annual) $324 $22.68 $346.44
A1A Parking Lot (Monthly) $105 $7.35 $112.35
Bougainvilla (Monthly) $85 $5.95 $90.95