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This page is intended to answer all waste-related questions about service for the Town of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea. If you have questions about recycling or other services not answered below,send an e-mail to recycle@lbts-fl.gov. You can also click the items below to easily navigate to your topic of interest. The Town’s collection service is handled by Waste Pro (all trash, residential recycling and monthly bulk pick-up). To initiate or cancel service, please call 954-282-6800. See below to suspend service. 

Sunshine Recycling Services handles commercial recycling only. For more information, call 800-390-9598 or click the Commercial Recycling Program link below.

You can also connect with Waste Pro online using the following three links:

Report A Miss or Other Problem With Your Garbage, Yard or Recycling Pick-Up

Leave A Compliment About Your Garbage, Yard or Recycling Service

Make A Request Concerning Your Garbage, Yard or Recycling Service

IMPORTANT NOTE:  When the small 18-gallon bins were replaced with the 65-gallon recycling carts, all recycling pick-up became an automated process, as was already the case with trash. This means that any material not in your carts will not be picked up. Such material needs to be saved and put in your cart for collection on your next pick-up day. If you routinely have waste overflow, contact the Town’s Recycling and Waste Coordinator for an additional cart at 954-640-4200 or recycle@lbts-fl.gov.

HURRICANE POLICY: Click here for what to do with your waste (trash, recycling and bulk items) if a hurricane threatens the Town and South Florida.

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Recycling is a partnership between Town residents and the recycling facility that sorts, then distributes our recyclables to businesses which turn them into something new and useful. The program goal is to maximize recycling and minimize garbage. You can place all recyclables in the same container. It’s easy and convenient.


1. Do not bag your recyclables! Note: no black bags as they are automatically assume to be trash and discarded at the recycling center.

2. No liquids: soda/beer cans, juice cartons, etc., should be emptied before being placed  in your cart. Liquids are a common contaminant.

3. No paper or foil items with food residue: no dirty cups, plates, trays, paper towels/napkins, tissues, etc.

4. Lightly rinse containers: heavy food residue  may attract bugs. Perfectly clean is not a requirement when rinsing.

5. Break apart different materials: lids and caps can be recycled, but remove them from containers. Please remove non-paper packaging, such as bubble wrap from boxes, then flatten.   


Aluminum and steel cans

Clean and color glass bottles

Juice and dairy product cartons

Plastic bottles (caps are ok, but remove), and plastic containers

Junk mail, newspapers and magazines/catalogs

Wrapping, office & scrap paper of any kind (paper towel/toilet tubes)

Mustard-colored clasp envelopes

White envelopes with or without clear windows


All cardboard & paper board boxes (soda, toothpaste, shoe, cereal, etc.)

Click here to see the Town's new Recycling Guide


The Town’s collection service is handled by Waste Pro. To initiate, cancel, or suspend service, call Waste Pro customer service at 954-282-6800. Any billing questions, reports of missed pickups, or other service issues should be also directed to Waste Pro customer service, not the Town. If Waste Pro does not resolve your issue in a timely manner, please contact the Town at 954-640-4200 or recycle@lbts-fl.gov. Except for misses which should be addressed promptly, five (5) days is the contractual number of days allowed to resolve issues.

Before you report a missed pickup, ask yourself these questions:

1. Is this the correct pickup day for my cart? (e.g. putting recycling out on Monday or Tuesday would be the wrong day).

2. Was my cart out at the correct time? (by 7AM the day of pickup)


Blue carts are used for two purposes, depending on how they are labeled.

Some are labeled ALL RECYCLABLES HERE and should be used for recycling.

Some have a "YARD WASTE ONLY" decal and should only be used for grass trimmings, palm fronds and other yard debris.

The black cart is for trash only.

Here is the cart pick-up schedule:

South of Commercial Boulevard

MONDAY: Trash and Yard Waste Pick-Up
THURSDAY: Trash and Recycling Cart Pick-up

North of Commercial Boulevard

TUESDAY: Trash and Yard Waste Pick-Up
FRIDAY: Trash and Recycling Cart Pick-Up

There are a few exceptions to the above cart pick-up schedule based on location. Check with the collection company if you need to confirm your pick-up schedule. Please Note: If your yard waste or recycling cart is not placed on the curb on the correct day, it will not be picked up.


Your cart should be set out at the curb or collection point after 6PM the night before your scheduled pick-up day. Carts should be set out one to two feet from the edge of the street. PLEASE MAKE SURE the cart’s handles are facing AWAY from the street. Do not place carts on the street under any circumstances. Carts must be brought in before midnight the day of pick-up. 

Please note: Your trash pick-up days may be different if you live in a multi-family building or condominium with dumpster service.



Bulk trash is waste that doesn't belong in your weekly trash, recycling container and does not require special handling and management. It includes Brown Goods, White Goods, furniture, equipment and other similar items, including materials resulting from minor home or condo repairs.

Bulk trash includes all types of vegetative matter resulting from normal yard and landscaping maintenance that is less than six feet in length. The customer for whom the Bulk Waste is collected must generate the waste. 

Bulk trash does not include Garbage, Contractor-Generated Waste or Exempt Waste. The compacting of Bulk Waste containing refrigerants or other potentially harmful fluids or gases is prohibited.

ACCEPTABLE Curbside Bulk Materials

Brown Goods includes cabinets, furniture and other similar domestic goods. Brown Goods must be generated by the customer at the Residential Service Unit or Commercial Service Unit where they are collected. 

White Goods includes discarded refrigerators, ranges, water heaters, freezers and other similar domestic appliances. White Goods must be generated by the customer at the Residential Service Unit or Commercial Service Unit wherein they are collected.

UNACCEPTABLE Curbside Bulk Materials

E-Waste Goods are electronic devices that include televisions, computer monitors and CPUs.

Exempt Waste includes panes of glass, biological waste, biomedical waste, construction and demolition debris, hazardous waste, sludge, automobile parts, boats, boat parts, boat trailers, internal combustion engines, lead-acid batteries, used oil and tires, the wastes under the control of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and other materials whose size, weight or both are in excess of that allowed for Bulk Waste pick-up materials. Paint is also exempt (empty paint cans with the lids removed can be disposed of in the trash).


Bulk waste can be disposed of three ways:

1) Monthly curbside pickup

2) Free annual bulk pickup for residential using carts

3) Dropped of by residents at a designated facility

More about each follows: 

Waste Pro provides the services listed in No. 1 and No. 2. Waste Pro also does the weekly pickups of trash, recycling and yard waste. Drop off service is at specific Sun-Bergeron locations, which has nothing to do with Waste Pro. Please see the DROP-OFF section below (near bottom of the page).

Monthly curbside pickup service is available to residential single-family homes, duplexes and multi-family properties. There is no bulk service for business customers, i.e. restaurants, hotels, retail. Refer to the section


Bulk waste must be generated by the customer and placed curbside and in the right-of-way. Material will only be collected from the right-of-way, which is roughly 10 feet from the edge of payment and the properties front property line. Bulk material behind the front property line will not be collected. The size of the bulk pile is undefined.

One free bulk trash pickup is available to each account holder each calendar year. Please call Waste Pro to request. The waste account cannot be delinquent in payment.

MULTI-FAMILY Condo/Townhouse using Trash Cart(s)

Bulk waste must be generated by the customer and placed curbside in a manner that does not block the street or sidewalk. For some customers, a parking space that is adjacent to the sidewalk may be used. Additional, with prior approval, a customer may place their bulk material on an interior driveway so the pickup equipment doesn’t block a major roadway during pickup. The amount of bulk waste that will be collected each month is undefined.

One free bulk trash pickup is available each calendar year to each property. Please call Waste Pro to request this service. The waste account cannot be delinquent in payment. The request for this service must be submitted in writing on official letterhead by the account holder or property manager on behalf of the property.

MULTI-FAMILY Condo/Townhouse using Trash Dumpster(s)

Bulk waste must be generated by the customer and placed curbside in a manner that does not block the street or sidewalk. For some customers, a parking space that is adjacent to the sidewalk may be used. Additional, with prior approval, a customer may place their bulk material on an interior driveway so the pickup equipment doesn’t block a major roadway during pickup. The amount of bulk waste that will be collected each month is undefined. Many of the larger multi-family properties don’t have bulk out for pickup every month. For this reason, it’s helpful to notify the contractor when you do. This helps the contractor ensure sufficient equipment is allocated to the Town on bulk trash service days. At a minimum, please make sure the contractor knows where on your property residents have been told to stage bulk trash for pickup. 

There is no annual free bulk pickup for these properties.

MIXED-USE Property (as designated by the Town)
Bulk waste must be generated by the residential portion of the property only and placed curbside for pickup. The amount of bulk waste collected each month shall not exceed two (2) cubic yards. Upon request to Waste Pro for the service, the service will be provided at the next regularly scheduled pickup.  

There is no annual free bulk pickup for these properties.




North of Commercial: FIRST FRIDAY OF THE MONTH



Single-Family and Duplex: $16

1. This amount is for one pair of 65-gallon recycling and trash carts. An additional trash cart is $12. There is no charge for an additional recycling cart.
A limited number of 95-gallon trash carts are available.

2. Residences of duplex units may share a common pair of containers provided it is of sufficient size to accommodate the joint usage without spillover. Otherwise, a pair of carts is required for each unit with the associated increase in cost. An additional trash cart is $15.69.

 3. A yard waste cart is provided, upon request, at no extra charge. 

Multi-family Cart Service: $16.34

1. This amount is per trash cart. Additional carts are $10. Recycling cart(s) are provided at no extra charge. If you don't have recycling and are interested in launching a recycling program at your property, please contact us at 954-640-4200 or recycle@lbts-fl.gov with your account and contact information.

2. Regardless of the actual number of containers sufficient for efficient and sanitary services, multi-family properties must pay for the number of trash containers equaling at least fifty percent of the number of residential dwelling units.

3. A yard waste cart is provided, upon request, at no extra charge.

Multi-family Dumpster Service: Click here for Rate Chart.

Commercial Cart & Dumpster Service: Click here for Rate Chart.

Compactor Service: Click here for Rate Chart.


Single-Family or Duplex Residential Service customers may suspend solid waste service. Solid waste services may be suspended for a period of not less than three consecutive months if:

1. The property is not occupied during any portion of the period that service is suspended.

2. The property owner has provided written notice to the Town's franchisee on a Town Request for Temporary Suspension of Solid Waste Service form.

3. The form request referenced above is properly filed with the Town franchisee no less than 31 days prior to the start of the requested period of suspension.

4. The property owner provides no less than 15 days notice to the Town's franchisee of the date to resume service. The property owner will be credited for the time period  service is suspended.


Single-family, duplex and multi-family properties with carts may request a cart specifically for yard waste at no cost. For more info, call 954-640-4200.


The Town provides special assistance with garbage and recycling collection to customers who cannot lift or move heavy objects, or who cannot move without using a wheelchair or cane. Click for the Special Assistance Form.


The Town of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea is partnering with nearby municipalities to offer residents free access to dispose of household hazardous waste and electronics. The participating cities include Pompano Beach, Tamarac, Coral Springs, Coconut Creek, Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, Lauderdale Lakes, Pompano Beach and Tamarac.

The Drop‐Off events are held on the first Saturday of the month, at alternating locations, from 9AM to 2PM. Town residents must show proof of residency at the event, such as a driver’s license, state-issued identification card, auto registration, or utility bill. Here is the schedule:

Nov. 3 – Pompano Beach, 1660 NE 10th Street
Dec. 1 Tamarac, 6011 Nob Hill Road

There are five upcoming Drop-Off dates in 2019 in Pompano Beach and Fort Lauderdale:

Jan. 12, April 27 & July 13
Mills Pond Park
2201 NW 9 Ave., Fort lauderdale

June 8 & Nov. 2
Pompano Community Park
1660 NE 10 St., Pompano Beach

Household hazardous waste does not include commercial waste, appliances, or construction debris. These materials must be disposed of according to specialized regulations. Click here for a list of the items that are accepted at the free drop-off events.

For more information, call 954‐640‐4200, or e‐mail the Town at recycle@lbts‐fl.gov.


TerraCycle Program Helps Scholarship Fund
Looking for a way to reduce your waste stream and help support a Broward College scholarship fund? Check out their TerraCycle Program. It’s a collection program for an eclectic group of items that, with a few exceptions, don’t belong in your recycling cart. Click here for a flyer with a list of items
Contact the Town’s Waste and Recycling coordinator for drop off location once you’ve collected a bag full of items. She can be reached at recycle@lbts-fl.gov

Wheels For Wishes


Commercial recycling remains an open-market and voluntary practice. Under the Town's Commercial Recycling Program, the Town provides the recycling cart. Sunshine Recycling Services maintains the recycling cart(s). The business pays Sunshine $15 for first cart and $5 per additional cart. For a hotel/vacation rental property, the Town will also provide copies of its Recycling Guide for guest rooms. Any business interested in participating in the new Commercial Recycling Program should contact Town Hall at 954-640-4200.


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