When and where does the Town Commission meet?

The Town Commission meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at 6:30PM in Jarvis Hall, 4505 N. Ocean Drive (adjacent to Town Hall). Special meetings and workshops are scheduled on an as-needed basis. All Commission meeting agendas are posted in Town Hall and on the Town’s Web site under Video/Agendas on the opening page. Meeting dates are also listed in Town Topics and posted on Channel 78. Meetings in September usually cannot be held on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month, because they are not allowed to conflict with Broward County's public hearings on the County budget.

Are members of the public allowed to attend meetings?


Does the Commission ever meet outside of the public?

Yes. On rare occasions, the Town Commission – to discuss pending litigation or legal strategy – may meet with the Town Attorney and Town Manager in private. These “Shade Sessions” are announced beforehand publicly and are held after the Commission first opens the meeting in public. Since most of the discussion involves litigation, it is closed to the public as allowed under Florida statutes.

How do I learn what’s on the Town Commission agenda?

The Town Commission’s agenda is available in Town Hall on the Friday before the upcoming meeting. The agenda and back-up material is also posted on the Town’s Web site under Video/Agendas on the opening page. Copies of the agenda and related back-up material are also available in Jarvis Hall during the meeting.

Can I speak at regular Town Commission meetings?

Yes. The Town Commission holds public hearings on all proposed ordinances. Members of the public are also allowed to speak during the Public Comments portion of the meeting. Residents must sign up beforehand. During Public Comments, members of the public can address the Commission for up to three minutes.

How often are Town Commissioners elected?

Town Commissioners serve four-year terms. The Mayor's term is two years. Since Commission terms are staggered, the Town holds an election every two years, when the Mayor must also run. The Mayor and four Commissioners are elected at-large. Commissioners, however, run for specific seats and must reside in District 1 or District 2, which divide the Town’s voters into almost even north and south areas. To qualify to run, you must reside in Town for at least six months prior to the election.

When is the next municipal election?

The next Town election is March 13, 2018.

What seats will be on the ballot?

- The mayoral seat held by Mayor Scot Sasser, who has publicly stated he is not seeking re-election.

- Commission Seat 1, now held by Commissioner Elliot Sokolow (District 1).

- Commission Seat 2, now held held by Commissioner Chris Vincent (District 2). Vincent is term-limited and cannot seek a third commission term. He is eligible to run for Mayor.

-Commission Seat 3 (District 1) is now held by Edmund Malkoon, who ran unopposed in 2018 to fill the two years remaining on former Commissioner Mark Brown's term.Brown resigned in December 2017.


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