Plastic Bags

Bagging your recyclables is unacceptable. All recyclables should be loose in your recycling container. The correct way to dispose of plastic bags is in the trash or, ideally, in a designated collection container.

Why dispose of plastic bags only at Publix or other retail store collection containers?

The reason is simple: Bags placed in a retail store collection container require no sorting!

The opposite is true of plastic bags placed in your curbside recycling container, where sorting is required.
yes and no recycling graphic

In the sorting process, what happens? Clogged roller equipment (see photo) forces a facility shutdown to remove plastic bags and other pliable material. This is costly and hazardous to workers; plus the bags are discarded as trash rather than recycled into a new product.

Waste Management Facility Cogged Rollers

Workers at a recycling facility extract dozens of plastic bags.